Assistive Technology Demonstration and Loan Program

The goal of the Assistive Technology Demonstration and Loan Program (ATDLP) is to give Maine people the opportunity see how assistive technology (AT) works and test out before buying it.


AT4Maine - Assistive Technology for All Maine PeopleCARES, Inc is now using AT4Maine – a new on-line AT Demonstration and Loan resource.

It’s very simple to use.

Clients or their caregivers can create a free on-line account then view hundreds of AT devices and arrange for a demonstration or process a short-term loan to borrow the equipment.

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Clients who prefer may speak with our CARES Assistive Technology Equipment Coordinator by calling 1-800-773-7055 or e-mailing and telling us your needs.

We will assist you in finding the best AT to meet your needs.

The Assistive Technology Demonstration and Loan Program is funded by the
Maine Department of Education, Maine CITE Program.