Maine Bureau of Rehabilitation Services – Maine’s Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Policy Manual is located here. The Policy Manual contains the State Rules for the VR Program in Maine. It describes how VR has interpreted the Federal VR Regulations.

Maine CITE is a statewide program designed to help make assistive and universally designed technology more available to Maine children and adults with disabilities.

Alpha One Center for Independent Living, Inc. is a Maine agency that offers a variety and depth of independent living services: Services include information and referral, outreach, advocacy, one-to

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-one support, group peer support, consumer-directed personal assistance services, assistive technology financing, access design, resume workshops and independent living skills instruction. 800-640-7200 Voice/TTY

Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) is the federal agency which coordinates programs of vocational rehabilitation, supported employment and independent living for individuals with disabilities.

Disability Rights Maine is Maine’s protection and advocacy agency for people with disabilities.

Maine Parent Federation/Special Needs Parent Information Network is a non-profit organization that provides information, support and training to parents and professionals regarding specific disabilities, parenting issues, education, services and support groups.